Marriage not valued by youth, says Allan Kiuna

He said many prefer 'kumangamanga' and don't tolerate being cheated on

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• The church encourages couples to stick together but many are 'quick to walk out'

Bishop Allan Kiuna
Bishop Allan Kiuna
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Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) says most people have lost the value of getting married or marrying.

Speaking to Word Is, Kiuna explained how young people take marriage for granted.

High expectations lead to failure, he said.


"When the expectations don't happen, then they do not see the need to stay in the relationship anymore."

Allan said unfaithfulness also leads to many breakups.

He said young people cheat on each other and when a third person comes in, trouble follows.

The society has normalised divorces and, therefore, when a problem arises, they end up taking divorce as an option. "Most have run away from the church."

Although marriage is about patience, people should not only look at the good times but understand that there will be bad times, and they need to be ready to face that reality.

As a church, he says they try their best to talk to those who seek help from them, but it is always a choice one makes to either stay or leave.

"Even God cannot force you to be with the person you do not want. Some have come to me, I talk to them and tell them to stay, but if they have made up their mind, it is a choice to make their final decision," he said.


"Most of these have made their choice, which is 'kumangamanga', and unlike long ago when a wife could stay if you cheat, today they leave you."

He added that once some realise their marriages are not working, they stop going to church and even stop listening to their church leaders. The next thing you will realise, they have divorced or separated.

Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife are celebrating 26 years together, and he says it was a decision they made to be together forever.

"It has not been a walk in the path. We have been having our ups and downs, but we decided we are in this thing for life."

His message to young couples is, "Good marriages don't just happen. They are made through forgiving, praying for each other, patience, not just by quickly walking out. If you quickly walk out because of issues, you will never have a good home, a good marriage."

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