Toil hard on your craft — Churchill

They are going to recognise you some day, he urges upcoming comedians

In Summary

• Veteran is impressed by what upcoming comics are doing, urges them to keep going

Image: Charlene Malwa

Comedian Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki has urged upcoming comedians to put consistent effort in their work.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said, "I love what they are doing with their content. Wake up everyday, work on your content. Work on your craft. They are going to recognise you some day."

Asked if he has plans to start his own TV station for his comedy show, Churchill said, "We are praying about it. Let's wait on God."

He said this after being announced the brand ambassador of a UK-based app, TuKo, which has launched in Kenya.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of something that will revolutionise how we acquire services and how we get our products,” he said.