Will Kamene accept admirer's 100-page proposal?

He attached his CV, KCSE results and said he'd fasted 10 days for her

In Summary

• The man claimed God had shown him that Kamene is his wife

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro
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Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro received a 100-page marriage proposal that was handwritten and sent to her workplace.

Speaking to her co-host Jalas on Kiss FM, Kamene read out what was written on the envelope.

"Extremely urgent to Michelle Kamene Goro, radio presenter Morning Breakfast, Lion Place, Westlands," she said.


Jalas gave a sneak peek at what was in the letter as Kamene was still in shock.


"What? These are letters to you? One person has written all these? He has even numbered them. Dear Michelle, I take this opportunity to give you this missive out of the blue but led by the Holy Spirit.

"First and foremost, I want you to know I got to know of you last year when I saw your picture on the Nation newspapers. Then I saw you being interviewed on The Trend with Amina. I started my walk of salvation in 1998, when you were only six years..."

The man also attached his credentials.

"Wait wait, he has attached his KCSE results, his CV, and newspaper cut-outs, and someone is asking me, uko? Now, this is an application?"

Kamene told Word Is the man claimed God had shown him that she was his wife.

"This dude has even fasted for more than 10 days and was convinced that God had directed him to me. Imagine."

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