Kenrazy's wife after divorce: In-laws called me a ‘chokora’

Sosuun blamed her alcoholic mother for the tag, which extended to her siblings

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• Sosuun said she has had a hard time dealing with her in-laws ever since they met

Sosuun with rapper Kenrazy
Sosuun with rapper Kenrazy
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Celebrity couple Sosuun and rapper Kenrazy have ended their 10-year marriage. The couple have two daughters together.

Sosuun claims her in-laws have never loved her since the day they set their eyes on her, and that she has had a hard time dealing with them.

In an Instagram post, she also apologised to Kenrazy for sharing their family issues on social media.


"I have learnt that never underestimate someone who has hated you since the very first day they laid their eyes on you, because you have no idea how far they are willing to go just to make sure everyone else in the entire family hates you," she wrote.


"You will never be enough to a malicious sister-in-law, especially if you are living happily with their brother. They will always have a problem with you."

Sosuun said she would notice everyone’s mood changed the moment she joined them during family gatherings.

She said the most exhausting relationship a woman has to deal with is with in-laws who do not appreciate their presence in the family.

She added that having an alcoholic mother has not made things any easier with Kenrazy’s relatives.

"Unlucky for me, her state has made me look like a nobody to some, if not all, my in-laws. I have been called out of my family name into ‘chokora’, not just referring to me but my siblings," she said.

She apologised to Kenrazy, saying she did not want him to choose between her and his family.


"You are just perfect the way you are and I made sure you would never have to pick sides. That would be selfish of me," she said.

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