Why I've not sung for six years — Dennis Mutara

He escaped death narrowly last month at an accident in Murang’a

In Summary

• Dennis says that a singer will be eaten by their fellow musicians

Singer Dennis Mutara
Singer Dennis Mutara
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Veteran Kikuyu gospel musician Dennis Mutara says fellow musician saw his star shining and tried to dim it.

Dennis has been recuperating after he escaped death narrowly last month in a road accident near Maragua, Murang’a county.


Speaking in an interview with 'Hungura Show', he said he is doing much better, though still weak to speak.


"The devil had planned that I die so I could stop serving God, but God refused since I am not done serving him," he said.

Dennis has been away for a while, and he says the last time he released a song was six years ago.

Promising a comeback to his fans, he said he has written four albums but none is released.

"I am sorry to the fans who are watching me in pain but I will be back," he said.

Asked what he has been up to, Dennis said he has been restrained (kufungwa) by his fellow musicians from singing.

"I want to be frank and say a problem of any mechanic is the other mechanic and a problem to a musician is also another musician," he said, adding that a singer will be eaten by their fellow musicians.


"You never know what happened to me. It was my star that was shining and they tried to put it off. They cut my roots."


The 'Wendo Ni Muhiu' (Love is Hot) hitmaker directed his message to those he claims have been after his downfall.

"I would sing after two years or one year, but I have not sung for the last six years," he said emotionally.

Dennis says before the accident, he had just announced he was coming back with a new song.

"What have I been doing? I even don't know why I have not released any song. I will sing what God will direct me to sing once I am out of this pain," he said.

Sources say Dennis' car rammed into the side rails and rolled several times.

He escaped death when his vehicle struck a ditch and he got a chance to come out. He had injuries on his arms and one side of his face.

Dennis said this is not his first accident; he has been involved four other crashes.