My dad kicked me out at night - Dr King'ori

They disagreed after he quit his Sh17,000 road construction job to pursue acting dreams

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• He started his career in the acting industry after high school

Dr. Kingori
Dr. Kingori
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NTV's 'The Wicked Edition' host Dr King'ori says he was kicked out of his home by his father after he refused to work at a construction site, where he was earning Sh17,000.

In an interview on Churchill Show, King'ori narrated how he was brought up in a humble background and that he endured nights of hunger as his mother would sometimes come home empty-handed.

He started his career in the acting industry after high school.


"After secondary school, I innocently asked my mother about college and she responded, 'where is the money?" he said.

"My mother was earning Sh5,000 then, and I remember she was over the moon because it had been increased to Sh5,600."

His parents hooked him up with a road construction job that was expected to earn him as much as Sh17,000 per month, but he showed up to work for a week and quit.

"They wanted me to dig trenches on roads where I would make between Sh12,000 and Sh17,000. With that kind of money at the time, I would have been a 'tycoon'," he said.

"I had started acting in set books. I could not fit in. I quit that job and I was told 'You can't stay here, go fix your life out there.'"

He credits Larry Madowo for supporting his dream.

"When I was asked to do a pilot, Larry told me to do the concept as a segment on 'The Trend' first and see how people take it," he said.


"People accepted and loved it, and here we are."