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Lulu and Rashid mourn Mutave

It is hoped Mutavi’s talent will 'keep the angles entertained'

In Summary

• She died after a short illness on Monday night

Actress Pretty Mutave
Actress Pretty Mutave

Celebrated Swahili actress Pretty Mutave has died. Speaking to Word Is, Lulu Hassan said Mutave died after a short illness on Monday night.

"Five days ago, we were on set, working on a project that was tailor-made for you by @iamibrachi," she wrote on Instagram.

"You were so excited about the project. I guess this was a way of calling it a wrap. The industry will surely miss you. You gave more than 100 per cent, while on set. Fare thee well, pretty."

Mutave is best known for her acting prowess on the Swahili Telenovela 'Maza', which is directed by Rashid Abdallah and his wife Lulu Hassan.

Announcing the sad news on Instagram, Rashid said he hoped Mutavi’s talent will keep the angles entertained.

Other shows she has featured in are 'Maza', 'Moyo' and 'Aziza'.