DJ Creme eyes reality show after viral video

DJ Creme says his daughter has shown interest in being an actress

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• The viral video was shared by an American comedian Loni Love

DJ Creme
DJ Creme
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DJ Crème de la Crème and his daughter Zawadi recently touched the Internet with a video of a very emotional daddy-daughter moment.

Creme told Word Is his daughter has been shy until recently, and she is now so aggressive.

"For the longest time, she has been a very shy girl and her brother was the one who was so aggressive. They then flipped the personality," he said.


Even behind the scenes, he said, she is very expressive and as parents, they have allowed their kids to express themselves openly.

"You don't have to be strict to the kids and with that, you will realise they are flexible with you and open up more."

"I am lucky that most of the time, the mum is around, and so we have managed to realise most of their talents."

The video, which Creme shared on his Instagram account, had him bidding his daughter goodbye, while leaving home for his businesses.

She went for the hug but the deejay thought she wanted to go with him and tried to resist. Zawadi then tells Creme that the only thing she wanted was a hug and nothing else. 'Na si I just wanna hug you’," she said, while pointing at her dad.

Creme then apologised, hugged her and gave her a peck on her head completing the adorable moment.


The cute exchange between the daughter and dad got netizens on the floor with laughter.

Many said it was one of the cutest things seen on social media.

The video has been shared by Loni Love, an American comedian and actress.

"I mean, the video has gone viral and has been shared across black men's social media pages. People want to feature her in their projects but one thing at a time coz we are starting a reality show," he said.

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