Tears of joy as Tanasha grows fan base

She has received 1.5m Instagram followers in a month, totalling to 2.4 million.

In Summary

• She says it took a lot of industry and thanked the team behind her

Tanasha Donna performs at her EP album launch ''Donna Tella'' at Sarit Centre Expo
Tanasha Donna performs at her EP album launch ''Donna Tella'' at Sarit Centre Expo
Image: Moses Mwangi

Tanasha Donna has appreciated her fans for showing her love even with the difficult times she had to face in the music industry as a female artiste.

The 'Gere' singer has received 1.5 million followers in just a month, totalling  2.4 million followers on Instagram.

"That’s an achievement and a half for me. It’s not easy for a female in this industry doing it on her own," she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

"The sleepless nights my team and I had, financing your own projects (songs and videos), being behind every single step or every creative process of any project.

"Having to enter boardroom meetings and try convince some bosses (some of whom are Team Mafisi) to trust the art, having a son and a family to take care of." 

Donna says she is blessed and grateful and just got started. "Got so much lined up for this year, especially collaborations, both local and international! I feel like I’m literally done recording for the year now."

She says her recent project 'Sawa' has brought tears to her as it blew up beyond her expectations.

"Sometimes I walk to the shop or supermarket forgetting that people recognise me and when people just start singing, it brings tears to my eyes.

"I still forget every day and drive out in my slippers and pajamas to buy milk and still get shocked when people on the streets call my name.

"It’s all because of the amazing love East Africans and Africans have shown me even when most thought I wouldn’t make it far once on my own. Thank you all, thanks to my amazing little team! Without them, I’m nothing!"

Tanasha got into the music industry last year when she released her debut song 'Radio'. Since then, she has captured the attention of many. Early this year, she released the EP 'DonnaTella'.

Edited by T Jalio