I thought Papa had been 'killed' by blogs yet again – Njoroge

Having been 'killed' three times by blogs, he thought it was fake news

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• He looked heartbroken standing next to Papa’s grave as reality sank in

Njoro of Papa Shirandula
Njoro of Papa Shirandula

Papa Shirandula star 'Njoroge' thought reports of his best friend Charles Bukeko succumbing to Covid-19 on Saturday was fake news.

The actor, real name Kenneth Gichoya, was Papa Shirandula’s best friend on the show, and was shocked to find out it was true. 

He was present during Papa's burial to pay his last respects to the fallen actor.

A photo of Njoroge looking heartbroken standing next to Papa’s grave was circulated online.


Speaking to Word Is yesterday, he said he is fine and people should not be worried.

"Why should I be depressed? I have a family and my three kids to look after and my businesses as well," he said.

Njoro and Bukeko have acted alongside each other for over 10 years, and his death on Saturday came as a shock.

"I am fine but still struggling with the death of Papa Shirandula. We have buried him but I have not accepted it," he said.

"Some people give you ‘notice’, maybe they were sick, but when someone just dies, it’s hard to accept."

Njoro said what made it even harder to believe is that Papa has in the past been ‘killed’ by blogs.

"I have also been killed three times but it was just false news," he said.


Njoro and Papa had talked two weeks ago and when his friend called him with the news, he told them it was rumours from blogs.

Being in the limelight for over a decade, Njoro has advised fellow comedians to invest elsewhere.

"Like right now, I have seen people discussing my dress code, yet they don't know that there are things that matter," he said.

"My advice to fellow comedians and even artistes, just live your life and you will be blessed from there. You live flashy lifestyles when you are in fame and when you get into problems, you end up not having someone to talk to."

The father of three says most of the young people are ending up in depression after realising they wasted a lot of their time showing off.

"Once they are broke is when they end up wishing they could have invested well. When you are a celebrity, come back and invest in some business to do because comedy itaisha tu," he said.

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