Childhood slur keeps Brenda from smiling

Her admission drove fans to open up on insecurities

In Summary

• She was once told off for having 'brown rabbit teeth'

Brenda Wairimu in a scene from 'Selina'
Brenda Wairimu in a scene from 'Selina'
Image: Showmax

Actress Brenda Wairimu has blamed insecurities with her teeth for her lack of expressiveness on the camera.

Taking to Instagram, she opened up about how and when it all began.

“I was in primary school, we were at a story reading competition at the library in Mombasa," she wrote.

"Out the corner of my eye, I spotted a cute baby. One of the boys from our 'brother school' that we did music festivals with was holding the baby.


"I rushed over and asked if I could hold her. The boy looked right at me and told me the baby doesn’t like people with brown rabbit teeth. And that is why I rarely smile in pictures to this day. Guess what, I won that reading competition.”

In the picture Brenda Wairimu posted, she was smiling.

Posting this got many on her comment section to come out to speak about their insecurities.