Who is Xtian? Ringtone denies wining with him

Artiste urges accuser to produce evidence they know each other

In Summary

• Singer denies allegation he served him wine but says he keeps it for guests and doesn't drink himself

Gospel singer Ringtone
Gospel singer Ringtone

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has denied claims he introduced blogger Xtian Dela to alcohol.

Xtian Dela had called him and Willy Paul out for not living according to the word of God.


Xtian was a worship leader in the church and even spoke in tongues. He started in the gospel industry but later quit, citing hypocrisy and fakeness.


In an interview with comedian Jalang'o, Xtian said the two singers used to drink alcohol, adding that Willy Paul used to do it from way back.

“Ni vizuri Willy ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. He used to drink and hide so much," he said.

"Ringtone ni mwingine. Bro, nilienda kwake Runda na akanitolea red sweet Mosconi wine, and he changed my perspective," he said, adding that that was not his first time taking alcohol.

When Word Is reached out to Ringtone for comment, the gospel singer said he had never met Xtian and if he had, he didn’t know him.

“I normally invite people to my home and sometimes they come with their friends. In those parties, I have an assortment of wines for those guests who want wine,” he said.

“I don’t drink alcohol myself but like Jesus visiting Zacchaeus' home, I deal with people who might not believe the same as I do," he said.

"But I believe I can spend time with those people and affect them for Christ."


He urged Xtian to produce evidence that they knew each other.

“I don’t know him. We are not friends. Let him produce the messages," he said.