I refuse to be cyberbullied, says Awiti

Be very careful with what you tell people on social media, she says

In Summary

•Actress blasts follower and warns that online disses can lead some to commit suicide


Actress Winnie Rubi, popularly known as Awiti from the Real Househelps of Kawangware. is not ready to take any negativity from anyone.

She fired back at a hater who called her ugly. Taking to her Instagram page, Awiti exposed the woman after she viewed her photos on her timeline and went further to share one of her photos with a caption making fun of her.

She says people expect celebrities not to be hurt when they are attacked, which is wrong.


Awiti added that some women could have added weight or gotten stretch marks, an indication they gave life.

"Are their hearts made of stones? Are they not human, too? Sometimes if u see something u don't like, why not just scroll unto the next post or just unfollow. I refuse to be a victim of cyberbullying," she wrote.

She went ahead to address trolls, saying cyberbullying could lead people to commit suicide. "If u call me ugly, fat, stupid, it won't affect me coz I believe am not all that, but imagine kale ka dem hakajazoea matusi?" she said.

"If u call me fat, if I decide to lose weight, you won't be sending me healthy food. If you call me ugly coz am dark and decide to bleach, u won't be paying for it. So be very careful with what you tell people on social media."

The mother of one said she will always call out and expose anyone trying to be rude to her on her page.

"I am only humble to people who are humble to me and rude to rude people as well," she said.

Another celebrity who has used this strategy of firing back at trolls is Akothee.