Massawe credits commitment for 13th marriage anniversary

She and Tom Japanni are blessed with three beautiful kids

In Summary

• She terms marriage a high-stakes gamble, where your heart is the prize or the price

Massawe and Tom Japanni
Massawe and Tom Japanni

Radio queen Massawe Japanni and her husband Tom Japanni are celebrating their 13th marriage anniversary.

The media power couple has been in the industry for more than 10 years and currently are among the top most-sought-after.

Speaking to Word Is, Massawe said marriage is a commitment and people have to put in the time and the work.


"It is resilience. In it, you discover your elasticity and capacity to do more than you ever gave yourself credit for," she said.

"It is a sacrifice because you learn to make concessions therein. It is a vulnerability, a high-stakes gamble, where your heart is the prize or the price."

She says the greatest lesson is that marriage is no different from life.

"Different seasons, some joyous, some sad, some unexpected, some planned for. And as it is for life, marriage also calls for giving it your all and making sure you enjoy the ride," she said.

Her advice to young couples is that marriage is a reward and in it is love, partnership, comfort and strength to achieve beyond your capabilities.

Massawe and Japanni are blessed with three beautiful kids, and while celebrating their anniversary, they showered each other with love.

The mother of three wrote, "Happy anniversary! It has taken not only love but pain and grit, laughter and tears as well as the help of God to get us to this point.

"May the grace of God for a blessed family continue to shine on our marriage. And may wisdom be our constant companion! Happy 13th Anniversary #17together #mpakamilele."

To make the day memorable to them, Japanni bought his wife another ring to celebrate their anniversary, and she posted a photo flaunting the ring.


"When he knows what to get you… I’m here blushing😊😊😊 and it's fascinating him….More rocks to the years lived…A journey it has been…😘😘@tjapanni #mpakamilele♥," she captioned it.