Mbusi and daughters release gospel song

Reggae show host said he is saved

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They told him they can sing and so they decided to came up with the song together

Mbusi and daughters
Mbusi and daughters

Radio Jambo presenter Daniel Githinji Mwangi, alias Mbusi, has released a gospel song with his daughters, titled 'Twakungoja'.

Speaking to Word Is, the celebrated reggae host said the song was inspired by his daughters.  

Like they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Normally a child has a similar character or qualities to his or her parents.


"My children are talented and have been acting from home during the holidays," he said.

Mbusi says they developed the interest of acting from his drive reggae show, and they have been inspired.

"They told me they can sing and so we decided to come up with the song together. I am training them to be hustlers by nurturing their talents," he said.

The song is an inspirational one, giving hope to people during this corona pandemic. 

Asked how he decided to do a gospel song, Mbusi said he is born again every day.

"Also, I can't train my kids to be like me in all aspects, but I am saved in my everyday life. I am saved because I know my God is the one who protects me," he said.

His lastborn, Double M, said the song was inspired by corona and requested people to subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Bobo S, the secondborn, learnt about corona from watching the news from TV and seeing how the pandemic has brought things to a standstill.

"Our dream is appearing in the Americans Got Talent show. The song was shot at our school and home," Bobo said.

Sandi, the eldest, added that the love of their father is what inspires them. "We want to be even better. We love him and we pray for him every day, she said.

Mbusi said his daughters are his pride. "Most men say having a son is the greatest thing but my point is, it all depends on how you bring up any child," he said.  

The song was done at a very low budget and he promised to release more.

"Right now the main focus is their education, so music is just part of the entertainment so I can't spend all the money on it," he said.