I did breast surgery to please a man, says Huddah

She regrets going under the knife

In Summary

• Not only did she need corrective surgery afterwards but the man never married her


Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she did a boob job to please a man.

The socialite claims she ‘regrets’ going under the knife because the man who made her do it left her.

"If there’s one thing I have told my 20-year-old self, it is, ‘Don’t do your boobs’," Huddah wrote on social media.

"I did my boobs for a man who didn’t even end up marrying me! He funded that shit, gave me $35,000 (Sh3,500,000) plus flight, hotel, shopping. Motherf***er! God forgive you."

In 2017, Huddah went for corrective surgery in Beverly Hills after the first one went wrong. After a successful surgery, she posted a photo with one of the doctors who did the job.


"Got complications from a previous cosmetic Surgery I had (a story for another day) and I am pleased with my Doctors who have done an incredible job on me….. I can’t be more thankful! I could’ve died but I’m well now," she wrote.

"Cc @drjlayke @drpay of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for making me feel amazing and confident once again! I would recommend them to anyone!"

The procedure cost her a whopping $10,545 (Sh1,054,500).