Pinky Ghelani and hubby celebrate 13th annivesary

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• They have been married for 13 years and been together for 21 years

Pinky Ghelani and husband
Pinky Ghelani and husband
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Pinky Ghelani and her husband have celebrated 13 years in marriage and 21 years of being together.

Recalling the ups and down, Pinky wrote on Instagram, "We lost pregnancies, we lost his dad to cancer, mum had a stroke. We became parents and so so much more! There’s so much growth that occurs when you face the ups and downs of life together. We understand each other more. It’s not that we don’t fight, we do. But we also laugh a lot."

Adding, "There’s no secret or trick in staying married. I wouldn’t say there’s a method. So many of you have messaged to ask me... but honestly, there’s no one way in making a marriage work. You need to find your ebb and flow. You need to know yourself, but most importantly, you need to be happy."