Comedian Terence Creative admits he cheated on wife

Yet to talk about affair with her.

In Summary
  • Says they're not getting a divorce and blames the devil for misleading him. 
Terence with his wife Milly Chebet
Terence with his wife Milly Chebet
Image: Courtesy

Comedian Terence Creative is yet to talk with his wife Milly Chebet about his extramarital affair.

He opened up about having an affair saying, “Yes, I did it. And through it, I have learnt my lesson.

“Milly and I will talk about it someday.”

He denied they are getting a divorce and blamed the devil for causing him to cheat saying, “Shetani hukuja kwa njia mingi. Ashindwe kabisa. Aki sitarudia tena [Satan comes in many forms. I won’t do it again].”

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