Sam West puts off wedding with Vivian after dad's death

They are trying to do it 'the right way'

In Summary

• Denying they had split, he said the family needed time to calm down after the funeral

Vivian and Sam West
Vivian and Sam West
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Singer Vivian and Sam West had announced a wedding late this year. However, they have postponed the ceremony to early next year after Sam laid his dad.

Sam West rubbished the rumours going on that he and Vivian are not together anymore. He told Word Is on Friday it's still on.

"There is no misunderstanding, we are just trying to do it the right way," he said.


"I lost my dad and we had to restrategise things a little bit. A wedding is more of a family thing, so we didn't want to do the funeral then do the wedding. We needed to let the family calm down first and then we start involving people for the wedding. That's why we slowed things down."

The two had already done their traditional wedding last year, which was only attended by close friends and family.

"Early next year, we are doing the white wedding. Fans should be assured that we are doing it. It needs to be done well and we would like it to be in the spirit of excellence. A wedding is a ceremony to crown the marriage and if it's not well done, it represents your marriage. It is a communal thing," he said.

On the other hand, Vivian, who is a mother of one, said it hasn't been a walk in the park.

"I try to live a real life. People come from different backgrounds and having disagreements is normal," she said.

The love birds are set to launch a project called "Dominate".

"In November, Vivian and I are doing an event together to do with relationships and marriages. We are creating an open space for people to talk and be vulnerable to each other," Sam said.


The two have been in the US for three months and say they have learnt a bunch of things.

"We noticed the challenges people in the US are facing and we are now able to see Kenya from a global perspective. We learnt so many other things about why people do what they do. We are telling people that they came to earth for a reason because they are not a biological experiment," Sam said.

"We want people to be open because we will also be inviting other celebrities. Sometimes you may never see yourself unless someone who comes from another culture sees you in another angle."