Guardian Angel mentors kids in children’s homes

He is supporting them because he was once a street boy himself

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• He is supporting kids from different children's homes to do music

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
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Top gospel artiste Guardian Angel is going back to the street to inspire, mentor and grow talent.

Talking to Word Is yesterday, the 'Nadeka' hitmaker says he is supporting kids from different children's homes to do music.

"I'm trying to show love to kids and support them because I was once a street boy. I have taken up a children's home where I take care of their food every month," he said.

"I thought, how about we showcase the kid's talents so we are able to uplift them? I was there and I am able to sing, then, that means there is a lot of talent there."

Angel said he has already worked with some of them and is about to introduce them to the fans once the time is right.

"We came up with the plan to record songs for them, maybe we do collabos together and try to push it out into the market. So that's what is coming up," he said.

"I already have a song I sang with a lady from a children's home in Kitale, and now I'm planning to work with kids from Kariobangi. I also have a project with two guys from the street that we are planning to release.

"This is part of me giving back to the society and also want to grow the industry by bringing new talent and mentorship."

The 'Swadakta' hitmaker is currently making waves with the song 'Jina La Yesu', featuring Jessica Honore.