Nyege Nyege pay too low for Sufuri

Festival is held annually in Jinja, Uganda

In Summary

• The organisers of the Ugandan event 'hawakufika bei'

Zzero Sufuri
Zzero Sufuri
Image: Courtesy

Fast-rising star Zzero Sufuri says money was the big issue that made him fail to perform at the recently concluded Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda.

"I'm sorry to all my fans but I can only say that the organisers hawakufika bei," he told Word Is last week.

Sufuri blew up with the song 'Zimenishika', and the Dagoretti-grown artiste says Jua Cali mentored him to the level he is.

"I respect him so much because he has nurtured me. Right now, we usually hang out, and he is still my teacher. Even as his protege, sometimes, he consults me."

Sufuri is currently making headlines with the song 'Matiati'.