Stop judging celebs whose marriages fail, says Wa GP

She is promoting her new song 'Thakame ya Jesu'

In Summary

• Singer says there are accidents and luck, so let us not point fingers at others

Shiro wa GP
Shiro wa GP
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Celebrated gospel singer Shiro Wa GP says people should stop judging celebrities whose marriages do not work.

Shiro Wa GP is married to Antony Thuo, who was a keyboard player. They wedded at Kiambu Deliverance Church 14 years ago.

"Celebrity marriages are always the target, and people think they are the only ones with problems, but problems are everywhere in any marriage," she said in a TV interview.

The singer said most celebrities end up in divorce when one does not have a partner who understands them.

"There will always be a problem that might end up in divorce," she said.

Shiro has had her ups and downs, and so does not single out those who have not been able to keep their marriages.

"Saying that you have not been or have managed to stay in your marriage, does not prove you are good or bad. There are accidents and luck, so let us not point fingers at others," she said.

One main challenge was when she was humiliated by friends because she could not give birth.

Shiro said she tried to conceive with her husband with no luck, and people started mocking her and calling her barren. "I almost gave up but God came after nine years. It was not easy being called barren," Shiro told Word Is earlier.

She said she was always under pressure from her friends and even decided to isolate herself.

Shiro is promoting her new song 'Thakame ya Jesu' (Blood of Jesus). She is among the best female artistes in Central Kenya, and she runs Finetune School of Music in Kiambu, mentoring young artistes.

"The attitude of a musician matters, and so don't expect to do a song today and trend tomorrow. What most people don't want to do," she said.