‘Morning Kiss’ will be real, promise Kibe and Kamene

In Summary

• You are not ready for what is going to happen, they say

Kiss presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro
Kiss presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro
Image: The Star

Media personalities Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro are taking over Kenya’s breakfast show. ‘Morning Kiss’ is the show to listen to and you will not regret it.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday, the duo said the show is going to be very authentic.”I promise to remove my clothes more, haha,” controversial Kibe said. “In as much as it is hard to [be] real on radio nowadays, expect real conversations from the two of us.”

According to Kamene, Radio has had ‘fake’ people, something they want to change. “We promise our fans that this show will be different and a lot of fun as well,” she said.

Kamene said people have been wondering how the show will turn out, but she urged them to tune in from Monday 6am to 10am to find out.

“They are not ready for what is going to happen. Radio has become so uninteresting and presenters have not been giving listeners the value to continue listening to them. So to us, we are doing it differently."

The two said they are not in the industry to compete with other presenters as they already have a technique.

Kamene said Kibe is a good storyteller and he is very real, something many radio stations lack.

Kibe said the duo uses a lot of sarcasm and so most people who listen to them have to be intelligent to understand what they are saying.

Kiss FM producer X-tian Dela said they are recharged. “I hope our competitors are ready to create space for us because we are taking over the industry, with a real and relatable conversation. We are here to talk about the real issue,” he said.