I’ve been fighting depression over spats with wife — Josh - Josh

He would feel sick or have high fever, but the doctor would not find any disease

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• Josh says disagreements with his wife drove him to his lowest point

Josh alias Manio
Josh alias Manio
Image: Douglas Okiddy

Josh, alias Manio of the former music duo Amos and Josh, says he has been fighting depression.

"The last three months, things in my life were not so rosy," Josh told Word Is yesterday.

He says he had disagreements with his wife and it got to a point he found himself depressed.


"Out of that lowest moment came this beautiful song 'Light my way', which is a high for me. I would feel sick or have high fever, but when I go to the hospital, the doctor would not find any disease," he said.


'Light my way' is part of an album that he is working on, called 'Mind of a married man', most of which will be about his life.

The song is about the love that has been the light in his life, but which was gradually slipping away.

"I am talking about my story when I felt love falling away at some point, and I am telling my girlfriend not to take her light away from me. It is a matter of a man being vulnerable," he said.

"Most men are going into depression because they are not speaking out just because they have been told to be strong, forgetting that we have feelings."

Josh says the trouble started when they got a child together and had some disagreements.

"Someone had earlier on told me that once you get a child, most couples disagree because they are adjusting. However, we are working on well and fatherhood is amazing. There is nothing as good like seeing my daughter smile," he said.

Amos and Josh were the first runners-up in Tusker Project Fame 6 in 2013, and that is when they came to limelight.


The two melodious musicians parted ways last year, and Josh is currently a pastor at 'Livelihood Chapel'.

"Working alone is nice but a challenge, and at first I was scared because things were much easier when we worked with Amos because we would share responsibility," Josh said.

Amos is currently Josh's pastor, and the two worship together.

LIGHT MY WAY is the second track of MANiO's debut solo album, "Mind Of A Married Man," a personal exploration of life experiences. The song is about the love ...