Love songs leave Big Pin 'peaceful'

Musician makes comeback with the love song 'Juu'

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- Rapper says he is usually at ease every time he writes a love song

Big Pin
Big Pin
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Big Pin is back with a love song, 'Juu', featuring Mayonde. He said he is always in a good space to work on love songs because he is big on love.

That is why most of his songs are love songs, including his new one. "Every time I write a love song, I am usually in that space. When I wrote the song with Mayonde, I was in that space, but things have changed since," Big Pin told Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss.

The one challenge he faced was he didn’t know who he would collaborate with for this song, and after he met Mayonde, he knew she was the perfect one.

He is also working on a new album, although he has a lot of songs that are collaborations. This time he has decided to work on an album because it is more of a catalogue for him as an artiste.

The second single of the upcoming Album “Jatelo chronicles” Pin Entertainment... Written by Bigpin Mayonde Ny Produced by Jegede Mastered by Lucas ...