My soul has been bitter with people - Anne Ngugi

In Summary

- Anne Ngugi is letting go of all the hurt

- She said, "“I lost people I thought were my friends..."

Anne Ngugi. /COURTESY
Anne Ngugi. /COURTESY

BBC journalist Anne Ngugi and her daughter, Angel Wanjiru are set to release a song next month.

"The song is a collaboration between, my daughter, Angel, singer  Deno and I. We are basically talking about the human soul," Anne Ngugi told Word Is on Tuesday.

Having been hurt in the past, Anne says she thought of how she had been bitter with people but got to a point she asked God to give her peace to be able to love everyone.

"I now find it easy for me to even pray with a clean heart. At that time when my heart was bitter, I was not at peace," she said.

Anne has spoken on numerous occasions about how people she termed as friends gave her a cold shoulder after she was fired from her media job, years ago. 

She recalled how her bosses refused to pick up her calls every time she called them and was forced to sell one of their cars; a Mercedes Benz because they, (her and hubby) couldn’t maintain it.

She has since moved on and is content with her new workplace, saying the past was a learning experience to her career.

“I lost people I thought were my friends. I even called former colleagues to hook me up with jobs, but they ignored me. That was hard to believe. People change a lot especially when you have nothing to give anymore.”

She says, during that period of being bitter with people, she had talked to Deno who had agreed to work with her daughter Angel.

"When Deno heard the song, he was excited because the song speaks to every man because we all have a soul to guard," she said.

Angel was featured in another song last year titled Niko Sawa which she teamed up with another talented girl named Audrey.

A tune celebrating the physically challenged in the country. Anne says the songs explains why the human soul is full of evil but with all that, God is still able to forgive us.

The audio of the song is ready but the video will be shot once her daughter closes school next week.

The song is inspired but the book of Proverbs from the Bible.

"If our hearts are dirty, then even our minds and body cannot be better and so every human being has to make sure they guard their soul," she says.

Anne Ngugi made a comeback in the industry last year after she was fired by Mediamax while five months pregnant.

"It's almost a year since I came to BBC and I am so grateful to God for being with me in that duration," she said.