Sea-styled trends feature at summit

Deepa Dosaja
Deepa Dosaja

Leading African fashion designers will showcase ocean and lake-inspired designs on the sidelines of the ongoing Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi.

The aim is to send a powerful message about the environment and sustainable growth. Fish-skin leather jackets and seaweed robes will be just some of the unique items to feature at the ‘Blue Fashion for Blue Growth’ event today.

The fashion industry is the second-largest polluting industry in the world, and fast fashion brings with it many hidden environmental costs.

Enormous amounts of water, pesticides, insecticide chemicals and petroleum are used in the production of fabrics and products, while synthetic fibres release microplastics into the sea.

But a new wave of designers thinks a healthy fashion industry and a healthy marine environment can coexist. Featured designers include Deepa Dosaja and Jamil Walji.