NNP at 75 tree initiative

Group aims to be a voice for the trees who cannot speak

In Summary

• Planting of close to 900 trees has become part of marking of the NNP 75th year


In the last three months of 2021, a wonderful plan to plant close to 900 trees on a neglected section of the original Nairobi greenline swung into action. It was exciting to see many people coming together and using their God-given gifts and talents.  The 16th December 2021 was the official day that the Nairobi National Park celebrated its 75th year since its humble beginning, just one year after the end of the second world war in 1946, so the planting of close to 900 trees has become part of marking of the NNP 75th year with a permanent green action that celebrates life with trees. The project approved by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) was given the name NNNP@75 Tree Planting Initiative.

 Multiple generous donations in the form of trees, materials, water and cash have been received from many individuals and organisations, God bless all those who gave unconditionally towards this worthwhile project. It has also been wonderful to observe so many young people from different conservation action groups with their enthusiastic energy getting “hands-on” to make a difference, as true “change agents”.

The actions of this current generation with projects like the NNP@75 Initiative will continue to have a dramatic effect in encouraging future generations to participate in future activities that will ensure a green heritage. Let us all hope and pray that in 2046 when the Nairobi National Park celebrates 100 years, that by then the Nairobi Greenline will be wonderful mature forest stretching along the entire eastern boundary of the park. The forest is here to stay and contribute to being part of the “lungs of Nairobi “. It has been said that people who really care about the Nairobi National Park should be a “voice for the creatures who cannot speak”, perhaps we can also all be a “voice for the trees who cannot speak!”

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