Road trip: How to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere

You need to prepare well to avoid mid-journey nightmares

In Summary

• A checklist of four quick tips on how to make your journey stress-free

A man sits on top of his car
A man sits on top of his car

Long-distance driving comes with the thrills of savouring different sights and sounds, but it can be a dangerous endeavour if you’re not well prepared. 

It requires packing the necessities for personal use and to forestall any mechanical problems that may arise mid-journey. Here are the do’s before turning on the ignition to begin your journey. 

1. Carry enough water

Just like you need water to hydrate consistently throughout the journey, your car also needs water as a coolant to prevent the engine from overheating. Carry a jerrycan of water for your car, for you never know at what time it may need a drink. 

2. Check oil levels 

As is the case with water, you should check your oil levels. Failure to do so and you will be stranded in God-knows-where, struggling with an engine seizure and trying to get in touch with a mechanic or a tow truck. 

3. Get adequate sleep 

It would be preposterous to think that you will be able to drive efficiently with heavy eyelids. Getting enough sleep beforehand allows you to concentrate on the road the next day and alert to any unusual incidents during the journey. Avoid an intense night out before your drive the next day. 

4. Understand your route 

What are the black spots along your route? What is the current state of the road you will be using? This information will enable you to drive carefully when approaching these notorious spots or choose the right vehicle that can cope with the vagaries of the road.

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Edited by T Jalio