The mob attack

I came under a hail of rocks in 2007-08 post-election violence

In Summary

• A drive through the park triggers memories of a near-death experience in 2008

Rock attack
Rock attack

Early one morning while driving through the park, I suddenly had a “flashback moment” of a traumatic incident that happened to me during the post-election violence on the morning of April 14, 2008….

One of my managers had informed me at 06h50 that transport in Nairobi had been disrupted, with violence in many places.

I proceeded to work by driving through the Nairobi National Park, and even saw some lions next to the road. After leaving the park, I proceeded down Enterprise Road (my normal route). Everything was normal until I reached the railway line crossing.

Then suddenly, a gang of more than 20 people started stoning the cars immediately in front of me. The driver of the first car failed in attempting to turn around. Rocks and stones were thrown at all vehicles.

In a split-second decision my only escape option was to go forward by swerving and driving up the pavement directly at the attackers. Everything happened very fast.

I cried out, "Jesus, help me", and accelerated. Then the first rock hit. I put my head down as low as possible, steering with one hand, as many rocks and stones pelted onto and into my vehicle, with shattered pieces of glass flying around. The onslaught lasted only about 100m (near Tetrapak).

Physically, I had bruising on my right upper shoulder. Praise God for his protection in this situation, as it could have been a lot worse if they had hit my head or succeeded in stopping my vehicle. Only afterwards did I hear that gangs in other areas had already killed people.


We all go through challenges and continue pray for peace in Kenya. For an escape moment from the pressures of this world, the Nairobi National Park has very therapeutic effects like a “soul tonic” that heals wounded souls. Yes! Escape from the city dangers and enjoy nature.

Amani ya Juu.

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