Uber to roll out audio recording feature in Kenya

Before every trip, Uber will notify the rider if the driver has opted in.

In Summary

• The feature which is already in use in Europe and Latin America, will be launched in the Kenyan market.

• After audio is recorded, it´s encrypted and saved in the user's device and no one can access it.


Uber will soon be releasing it′s audio recording feature to the Kenyan market.

The feature which was last rolled out in Europe in 2021, came after a successful reception when it was first launched in 2019 in Latin America.

The well-being of riders has recently been questioned with reports of incidents across the Country by users of different ride-hailing apps.

To prioritize their safety, Uber says the recording feature will allow both the rider and driver to record audio and share it with the Uber support team in the event of a safety incident.

"If you ever feel unsafe while on a trip, you can record audio directly through the safety toolkit in the newest version of the Uber app,″ read part of the statement.

At the start of a trip, drivers and riders will enable the feature by tapping the shield icon on the map and selecting ‘record audio’.

Both can choose to record individual trips while drivers will have the option to leave the feature on while they’re online.

Before every trip, Uber will notify the rider if the driver is using the feature.

As for audio privacy, the file is encrypted, and stored on the rider and driver’s devices and by default no one can listen to the audio.

"Our team can only listen to an audio recording if one chooses to submit a safety report and request that we review it.″

The rider and the driver have the liberty of recording or choosing not to and the right to share it with Uber or not.

The feature which will launch soon, Uber says it has been built with the safety of its users in mind in the event that things go wrong.

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