Infinixmall seeks to take over digital commerce in Kenya

In Summary

China’s mobile phone manufacturer, Transsion,  earlier on in the year maintained its position as the Kenyan market leader in the first quarter with a 40 percent share according to the latest research from Counterpoint Research Service (CRS).

Infinixmall made its debut in 2018 and was selling only Infinix smartphones before adding other branded accessories and wearables.

In a report by global technology and research firm IDC, 52.2 million mobile phone units (smartphones and feature phones combined) were shipped in Q2 2019 which is a drop from the 53.1 million units shipped in Q1 (a 1.8% decline quarter-on-quarter). Out of those, 47.1% were smartphones, an increase of 1% from the previous quarter.

Mobile adoption currently stands at 91 per cent representing 46.94 million users compared to 80 per cent mobile penetration in Africa. E-commerce platforms are cited as one of the factors that steered mobile phone adoption like for instance Jumia reported 10 times growth in its sales of smartphones in 2018 as compared to 2014.

This has seen Infinix mobility bring in Infinixmall which seeks to offer cutting edge discounts and dedicated to support online consumers with affordable smart, stylish, quality and trendy, electronics, wearable devices and now home appliances. Launched in 2018, it is currently available in Egypt, Morocco and is also set to launch in Nigeria. Since 2018, the platform has been selling only smartphones associated to the brand, branded accessories and wearables.

The platform will now start incorporating other products. This they hope will increase their portfolio and market share where they hope to beat current players in the market. On the annual 13th September flash sale, the platform was able to introduce the new Syinix TV sets to its catalogue which were among the cheapest TVs to be sold on an e-commerce platform in the country. The flash sale saw over 110 orders placed in less than four hours. With a sales network encompassing a large number of African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Southeast Asian countries, the home appliance brands is committed to providing consumers with high-quality home appliances as well as improve growth in terms of market share for Infinixmall.

The flash sale was to officially culminate the sale of home appliances officially on the platform but will continue on 20th September, 27th September & 4th October.