Society 2: Italians begin documenting their history in Kenya

ICI's Annemaria Petrozzi
ICI's Annemaria Petrozzi

The Italian Community in Kenya has begun documenting their historical ties to Kenya, which dates back to over a century ago.

Already a documentary has been produced by one of Italian’s famous film maker Giampaolo Montesanto, who was assigned by the Italian Cultural Institute.

It shows how the Italians first settled in the Kenyan highlands, doing mission work and farming.

It also explains how Italians came to dominate Malindi after Kenya and Italy agreed

to do space research at the San Marco Project in Ngomeni.

Those featured include former San Marco


Franco Esposito.

Annemaria Petizozzi from the ICI said the documentary would be showcased at the Michale Joseph Centre in Nairobi on November 10 and 11.