As a Gen Z, I like how we keep disrupting the norm

We stand on business and prioritise soft life, mental health and convenience

In Summary

• 95 per cent of the time, I don't see the point of struggling to learn a life lesson

• If there is an easy way out, count me in 

Youthful co-workers cheer in an office
Youthful co-workers cheer in an office

Our eldest is officially in her third floor and she can’t still believe it.  

“To finality, I am now a middle-aged woman,” she said.  

I was teasing her about her age recently, and I got the chance to deeply bond with her.  

I jumped on the first chance I got to ask her about 30 things she has learnt in her many years of life.  

I also added the question on things she learnt in her early, mid and late twenties as a woman, a mother and a boss in her own space.  

I am not really going to share what she told me, but I know a book is on the way, and I will be sure to share that on here once it is out so you can support. 

Our discussion quickly moved on to being a millennial in this day and era.

I agree with her when she says that some of her fellow millennials refuse to accept that they are getting older and older by the day.  

We then talked about a recent online brawl that broke out between Gen Z and Millennials.  

It resulted from a podcast episode clip that was posted on TikTok, and if you were on there for a minute, Gen Zs were not having it.  

Well, I am a Gen Z, but a Zillennial by virtue of how I was brought up.  

In case you missed it, in the clip, one guy asked “How do you know you met a Gen Z?” 

In response, the others went on to say that they would identify a Gen Z based on dressing, talking style and even just by looking at someone, they would think they are way older than their age. 

The video is still there as well as some stitched videos on there about how people felt about that one specific video.  

I came about a post by Kare Maina and she mentioned something that I agreed with 100 per cent.  

“I feel that older generations are not used to a situation where younger citizens challenge older generations,” her post read.  

"They feel like the balance has been tipped when Gen Z question ways of life. They ask why Gen Zs are complaining yet they passed through the same system and never complained."

Some people commented on her post, talking about how older generations, millennials in particular, failed to do what they wanted to do because of what society will say.  

Other comments were talking about how older generations are used to chaos and are trauma-bonded to struggle. 

I feel as a Gen Z, life was not as easy for me growing up, but it got softer over time.  

I believe that older generations should let go of the struggle mentality and accept the softness that comes with life.  

“Hapa ni Mbwe Mbwe,” Bien says.  

I am a vocal person and there have been instances where I have been constantly reminded of how young I am, I can’t tell my seniors anything, Gen Z this, Gen Z that... And all this while they are losing the argument simply because I know I make sense.  

It reminds me of a close friend who works in a travel agency, and he often complains of how backdated their systems are.  

He feels there are so many processes that can be automated in the office but their boss and his immediate supervisors refuse to adapt to the changing times.  

They still live in the “we do things the old-school way” world. 

I honestly like how everyone will jump on the Gen Z bandwagon at the slightest chance they get.  

With Gen Zs, it is all about standing on business, prioritising a soft life and putting our mental health first, and I like that.  

My TikTok algorithm has adapted to bringing me some things Gen Zs do in offices. And at the end of each video, I am like, “Yes, as you should! That’s the Gen Z spirit right there.” 

If there is something that needs to get done, we almost always go for convenience as the priority thing.  

Ninety-five per cent of the time, I don't see the point of struggling to learn a life lesson.

If there is an easy way out, count me in. 

I like the way we as Gen Zs are disrupting the normal.

Let's keep at it. 

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