Why Father’s Day is the least appreciated holiday

While mothers toil every day, fathers often find home sorted

In Summary

• The idea that fathers provide does not wash in an age when mothers help foot bills

In Ali Siddiq’s stand-up comedy special 'The Half Hour', he talks about Father’s Day being the worst holiday of all time. The two-minute clip from the special went viral on all social media platforms. 

I had a long discussion about the day with my husband. We did not celebrate it as we celebrated it on May 26, which is the official Father’s Day in Germany, where he resides. I told him I loved him and he was a great father, but there was no way we would celebrate Father’s Day twice!

We discussed Ali’s observations of Father’s Day, as they were incredibly accurate and hilarious at the same time. In his special, Ali said Father’s Day ranks at number 20 in the most celebrated holidays, yet Halloween is number six! He sounded pained when he lamented, “Ghosts and goblins go before fathers!”

I finally understood why Father’s Day is not as celebrated as Mother’s Day, while having this ‘debate’ with my husband. You see, on Mother’s Day, our appreciation comes in the form of ‘a break’, where we are given a break from our kids, cooking and all other household chores. For that one Sunday in the year, the husbands or kids try to fill in the duties of the mum, but on Monday, we pick right back up and keep going.

I asked my husband what he wanted for Father’s Day, he did not know. I told him it is because every day is Father’s Day. The explanation I offered was simple: he does not know what he wants because he gets everything he needs before he even asks. I can walk into a shop and buy him clothes, books, toiletries and everything he uses or needs on a daily basis. That is why he always feels like he has no urgent needs. Meanwhile, he could never do the same for the kids or me; he would not even know where to start!

Mothers are cooked for on Mother’s Day, fathers get hot delicious meals every day. Mothers clean every day, fathers clean out of necessity. I know there is that one chauvinist bursting to say, "But fathers provide!" Oh, yeah? So do mothers.

Thanks to a global economic crisis, wars, inflation and God knows what, most families need two incomes to survive. For those of us stay-at-home mums, we often have to find a side gig or hustle to contribute financially. Not only are we financially accountable in the home, we also provide emotional and physical support, which most (not all) fathers are incapable of.

Alas, here we are on your special day, we will spoil you and let you feel like kings and amazing fathers. Chances are you will feel the same tomorrow because every day is Father’s Day, when you can walk into a clean home, eat a delicious meal and play with your well-fed and happy kids. However, remember that as you get home to your perfect family, someone put in a lot of hard work to create that scene you walked into.

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