Expect these from landlords in January

They have funny ways of reminding tenants to pay rent

In Summary

• Landlords are quick to stake their claim with not-so-subtle reminders after festivities

• This not only ruins holiday spirit but also stresses tenants grappling with fees, bills

January Landlord vs Tenant memes.
January Landlord vs Tenant memes.

The holiday was long and fun, but in a few hours, the Njaanuary reality is going to catch up with most of us. Ranging from compressed school terms to pending bills, most people will have a rough time in the first month of 2022.

In case you did not wish your landlord happy holidays then expect his greetings during the first week of January.

Landlords have funny ways of reminding their tenants to settle their dues.

At times the tactics work; they make tenants responsible and they don’t have to be reminded.

But mostly, the tactics are annoying especially in the month of January, which has proved to have almost 54 days.

'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'

This text is likely to pop up on your phone on the third day of January. From yours truly, your landlord.

This is not a happy holiday’s wish from your loving, caring landlord. This is a wake-up call to remind you that the holiday is over and you need to pay your rent.

The recipient of this message might still be enjoying fresh air upcountry; probably they are planning to travel back to the city in mid-January.

Unfortunately, your landlord, too, has bills to settle with kanjo and their own expenses to deal with.

Commenting on your status

Anything you post on your Whatsapp status suddenly becomes interesting to your landlord this January.

You post five memes then your landlord will comment with laughing emojis for every meme. You wake up one morning and see five texts from your landlord.

All the texts are merely laughing emojis. Just go to your Mpesa and pay, the landlord is not being entertained. They want you to pay rent.

Sending their children to come and greet you

This is for tenants who stay in the same compound with their landlords. You arrive back to the city from upcountry and suddenly the landlords’ kids flock to your house. All in the name of they have been sent to greet you.

The kids will stick around for a few minutes then leave one by one. The landlord is showing signs that they want you to pay rent, again.