Why women keep being used and dumped: Men's thinking dissected

In Summary

• When a man is serious about you, he will make sure one way or the other you get to meet a family member.

Here are some of the rules men live by.
Here are some of the rules men live by.
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It is a patriarchal society.

Have heard that statement often.

Also men are naturally polygamous,this too has been used especially when men wish to justify their insatiable desire to have more than one woman. Personally, I believe there`s is a case of the hunter and the ego that it carries. A man will have more than two ladies and believe it or not, he has his reason for every lady.

One could be for fun and drinks, one could be for emotional support, one could be for running his errands. Truth is every man knows the lady he would or eventually wish to settle down with among these lovely available jewels.

A lady will invest in a man, emotionally, her time, sometimes her body, almost to a point of becoming a wife before she is married. However, the same man will go out and marry another lady leaving you confused as to what tell tale signs you missed out.

Every girl therefore, should have at least five principles she lives by when it comes to dating or being in a relationship. Carry them at heart and apply them anytime you start to get involved in a serious relationship. Always bearing in mind, most men can play a pastor when clearly they are the most wanted criminals.

A few outright pointers will probably help you figure out where you stand. Are you the ride along chick, the emotional dumper or the quick sex provider? Always remember, Men don`t leave, as long as they get what they want, it is up to you to know your position before you play your best game in the wrong court. He will play you for as long as he wants and once he is done, he will pick his choice that he knew from the beginning and keep her for life.


A man has friends and then he has very close knit men friends. They could be one or two. When a man is serious about a girl, he will make introductions to his men that leave no doubt that this lady is very important in his life. The boys also know other introductions that means that this girl is just a beautiful ride along and never should she be mentioned in the presence of the main lady. Men code.Take time and see how often you meet his friends and how does the introduction go.


When a man is serious about you, he will make sure one way or the other you get to meet a family member. It may be a cousin, brother, sister or anyone someone close to him like an aunt. In simple terms, he`s stamping the relationship by stating his intentions to the close family members. In other instances he will probably invite you for a relative’s function, or a wedding of a distant cousin. Whatever the situation, when he means business with you, meeting the family will be on his list of the agenda. Keep an eye on how often he keeps you away from meeting any family.


Well this might not necessary be a big issue, but most men allow you to know their hood and even their house, and the catch here is - if a man doesn’t mention the `call me before coming`, it means he values you enough to allow you surprise him.

If this graduates to having been given the house key, well you are on the right track of being the Madam of the house. Soon you will be making a shopping list to go buy groceries.


This could go either way. However, have seen men sleep around with other women and never touch the lady they wish to enthrone.In this era of casual sex, it is difficult to see a man who sees it as a bonus in a relationship. Therefore, if you can find a man willing enough to wait without rushing into your pants on the first, second ore ven until marriage, then you know he respects you enough and willing to keep you the upright vessel for himself.

Saying no should not be interpreted to mean you don`t trust him, it should rather be taken as a sign of trying to find other meaning of the relationship.

A man will always keep you when he is getting something from you however insignificant. Take time and know what you want, if it is not there, close the curtains and find another window to see the horizon on more clear eyes.