Diana Marua launches YouTube channel

She said that she will show her fans their real-life behind the cameras.

In Summary

•Daina Marua has finally launched her youtube channel after delivering recently.

•Although Bahati ,Diana's husband could not understand why he used his name as her second name (Bahati) in stead of her sir name  (Marua).

Diana Marua and her family before the birth of Majesty Bahati
Diana Marua and her family before the birth of Majesty Bahati

Gospel musician Bahati's wife, Daina Marua, has finally launched her YouTube channel after  she delivered on August 14.

The now mother of three hinted on her reality show a while back but kept her cool and has finally unleashed the new venture.

She has decided to juggle motherhood and her TV show.

Marua said that due to time constraints, some content might be left out of her hubby’s already established, Bahati Reality TV show and for that reason, she decided to set up her own show.


Diana Bahati revealed she was super excited to share exclusive content with the world and engage in multiple Q&A sessions with her subscribers.

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On Sunday, she also posted her first video and her YouTube channel has 7,300 subscribers so far.

Bahati could not understand why she used his name as her second name (Bahati) instead of her surname  (Marua).

She further explains that she will show her fans their real life behind the cameras.

"Be consistent in wanting to have an intimate relationship with God and see how quick your life will begin to change," she wrote on her Instagram handle.