How to Flambe Chicken Wings

Cooking with Chef Feizal

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Cooking for your friends and family is all about creating amazing tasty dishes, but if you really want to impress them, this recipe will definitely do that. This week, we are not only teaching you to make delicious chicken wings and rosemary rice, but you will also learn how to flambe. 

Now this can be quite tricky, and before you attempt this, make sure that your kitchen is clear - so any onlookers need to give you a wide bearth, because flambe means lighting out food on fire!

Check out how Chef Feizal does it in the video before giving it a go.



2 cups of rice

1 onion

3 sprigs of rosemary

1/2 a cup of cooking oil. 

Chicken Wings

1 kg chicken wings

1 bunch of Dhania

1/2 cup chopped spring onion

5 limes

7 garlic cloves

4 fresh chillies

fresh ginger

4 Tbsp Honey

7 Tbsp Soy sauce

2 Tbsp Sesame seeds

4 Tbsp Fish sauce

1/2 cup of Vodka

1/2 cup of cooking oil


1. The first step is to prepare your rice. You can either do this in a rice cooker, or sauce pan by adding your rice and 4 cups of water, a pinch of salt and some of your fresh rosemary. In a separate pan, fry your onions, and rosemary in oil. When the rice is ready, add the hot rosemary oil mixture to your rice and mix well.

2. For your chicken wings, start by finely chopping your garlic, ginger and three of your fresh chillies. In a bowl combine them together with 5 tablespoons of oil and the juice from four of the limes. 

3. Heat a large pan and add the mixture to it, allowing it to start to cook down, before adding half your chopped spring onion. Let this cook for about five to seven minutes. Once your ingredients have combined in the pan, add your chicken wings to it, ensuring that they all get evenly coated, then leave them to brown. 

4. While that is happening, combine your honey, soy sauce, fish sauce and remaining two limes together. Once the chicken starts to brown, introduce the liquid to the pan, as well as an extra cup of water. Mix everything together, and let it cook until the water has reduced by half. 

5. Once that has happened, remove the remaing sauce from the pan and keep it aside. You now want to dry your chicken, so add the second half of chopped spring onions and half of your chopped dhania. 

6. Once that has all incorporated, the tricky part is coming up. Remember to ensure that you are not crowded when attempting this. Reduce the flame on your cooker then slowly pour the vodka into the pan. While gently swirling, tilt your pan allowing some of the flame to reach inside. Once the entire contents are on fire, keep gently swirling your pan, until all of the alcohol is cooked off and the flames subsides. 

6. Finish the chicken by garnishing with some sesame seeds and dhania, then serve with the rice topped off with your sauce that you had finished earlier.