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How to style denim jackets

Top denim designs range from denim shirts, kimono denims, denim blazers to denim jackets

In Summary

• Look out for denim jackets that have two chest pockets on both sides and metal buttons instead of a zip

• Denim shades are not only blue; we also have black, green, white and other varieties

Switcharoo denim jacket
Switcharoo denim jacket
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Denim jackets have become a necessity for everyone’s closet, and that applies to both men and women.

Top denim designs range from denim shirts, kimono denims, denim blazers to denim jackets.

For men, it’s easier to blend a denim shirt on a denim trouser compared to the denim blazers.

On the other hand, women are more likely to rock denim jackets and blazers compared to denim shirts.

For a perfect fit, denim jackets should hit the waist and the sleeve ends at the wrist.


One can match the same shade of denim with either the jacket or the shirt.

When the shades are matched, it brings out a casual look that’s perfect for the weekend.

For women, one can wear a denim blazer on a trouser or skirt.

However, wearing a denim dress and denim jacket is an exaggeration.

For men, the denim shirt on denim jeans is a perfect outfit for a smart casual look when paired with white sneakers.


Denim shades are not only blue. We also have black, green, white and other varieties.

However, blue and black denim is a killer combination.

Especially when the blazer or shirt is blue and the pants are black.

When making this combination, one can also choose to wear the blazer as a shirt.

This means you button the jacket all the way up and lift the collars a bit.


For women, this combination works well for a chilled day, weekend or a fun-filled day.

When wearing a sleeveless denim jacket, pair it with a long-sleeved dress and not a vest dress.

The denim-skirt combination also goes well with tucked-in tees and the denim jacket.

The most suitable shoes for this outfit are sneakers, most preferably white in colour.

One can also pair the denim jacket with skater skirts or dresses.


This outfit is very comfortable, especially for a weekend, and is very easy to spice up.

By adding leggings of any colour, the look automatically becomes casual.

The top can be spiced up by wearing crop tops. Sneaker or canvas rubbers will also complete the look.