How to wear perfume: Tips for men and women

The best place to apply the fragrances is where the natural body reacts with your body heat and emits scent

In Summary

• If you get it wrong, you might either lack any fragrance or overwhelm passers-by

A woman sprays perfume behind her knees on January 24
A woman sprays perfume behind her knees on January 24

Did you know there are different temperatures to be used when applying perfumes?

The best place to apply the fragrances is where the perfume reacts with your body heat and continues to emit scent.

Perfumes are not just to be sprinkled on any part of the body.

First, you need to moisturise your body.

For instance, men have few parts to concentrate on while applying fragrances.

However, women have more parts to ensure concentration.

If this concept is not understood well, you might either end up not smelling anything at all or overwhelming passers-by.

In both cases, the result is a disappointing fragrance experience.


Men have three parts of their body that need hot temperature of perfume.

The lower jaw, neck and the shoulder.

One can spray both shoulders.

The chest and wrist require warm temperature of fragrance.

The rest of the body parts require medium temperature of perfume.

These are the inner elbow and forearm, of both hands.

If you need to reapply, it’s a good idea to spray under your clothes again.

For men, it’s never a bad idea to spray down your boxer briefs before you slip them on.


Three-body parts require hot temperature suitable body parts in women.

They are behind the ear, neck and chest.

Behind the top of your ears would work better. That's because this spot is oilier than the lobes, and oil tends to hold on to perfume better.

This then helps it to diffuse for longer.

The chest is that part around the busts for women.

Warm temperature parts in women are the shoulder, wrist and behind the knees.

Especially when wearing sleeveless tops and T-shirts, the concentration on the shoulder should be a bit higher.

The inner elbow, calves, ankles, below the midriff and inner elbow require medium temperature.


Do not spray your wrists and then rub them together

Do not wear the perfume if it has changed colour.

Do not store your fragrances in the bathroom.

You don't need to stick to one perfume.

Don't mix perfume with sweat.

Do not spray directly to your clothes

Do not expose perfumes to heat.

Do not wear several perfumes at once.

Don’t wear heavy scented perfumes to a job interview.

Don't spray perfume in the air.

A man sprays his armpit on January 24
A man sprays his armpit on January 24
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