Little known details about suspected serial killer John Matara

Matara is the main suspect in Starlet Wahu's murder

In Summary

• John Matara is the main suspect in Starlet Wahu's murder.

• Matara was arrested at Mbagathi Hospital together with his friend Anthony Nyongesa.

John Matara
John Matara

Kenyans are still in shock following the brutal murder of Pastor Victor Kanyari’s younger sister Starlet Wahu.

Wahu was allegedly killed by a man identified as John Matara.

Her body was discovered on Thursday, January 4, morning on the fourth floor of an AirBnB in Nairobi's South B, after the watchman reported seeing the male suspect flee with bloodstained clothes.

The owner of the premises who had let it out to Starlet and the man for a night used a spare key to unlock the house, which had been locked from the outside, only to stumble on the horrifying scene of the deceased's body sprawled on the floor.

Makadara detectives who were alerted rushed to the scene to find the young woman's body soaked in a pool of flood, lying midway from the bed towards the main door an indication of an attempt and struggle to call for help.

Examination of the body revealed a stab wound on the head near the left ear, a deep cut on the right thigh, and a human bite on the left arm.

Broken glasses and splattered blood throughout the room evidenced a moment of life and death struggle.

Police further discovered HIV testing kits, a used condom, bhang, a bottle of alcohol, and a blood-stained kitchen knife, believed to be the murder weapon, at the scene.

Following the virality of the incident, little-known details about the suspect have now surfaced online.


Here are details about John Matara

  • Real name is John Ongoa Matara
  • He schooled at Butere Boys High School in Kakamega County in 2008
  • He is from Kisii county
  • He used to be a reggae artiste by the name – Rebelius Monk
  • He has a song called ‘Time Has Proven’ on YouTube 
  • He  assaults and extort money from his female victims
  • Matara told police he was a graphic designer
  • He was an alleged marijuana user
  • He was at some point a Rastafarian
  • He gets his victims from dating apps
  • Matara was arrested at Mbagathi Hospital together with his friend Anthony Nyongesa
  • He is being detained at the Industrial Area Police station
  • He is the main suspect in Starlet Wahu’s murder
  • The motive of the murder is under probe
  • The suspect could be a serial killer and an extortionist
  • Police believe he inflicted the wound on himself to mislead the investigators.
  • He was produced in court on January 5, and police were allowed to hold him for 21 days pending further probe.
  • So far three victims have recorded statements with the police
  • He is 30-years-old
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