Why celebrity breakups mostly turn 'ugly'

Remember, you don't know what happens behind people's closed doors

In Summary

• Over the years we have witnessed couples that were termed as couple goals breaking up in a more civilized way while for others it ends in a bitter manner.

• Whatever you do should stay between yourself or under wraps.

Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz
Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz
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You look at them and admire everything about them.

But what makes you think their lives are perfect?

Celebrities are human beings just like anybody else, but what they portray on TV or social media might not be the entire truth and at times, we do not really see the real picture.


Remember, you don't know what happens behind closed doors but if you decide to air your dirty laundry then people are most likely bound to criticize you.

Popular Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu trended on Twitter for the better part of Monday and was the talk of the town after it was revealed that he is not living under the same roof with his wife Mary Ngami, alias Marya Prude.

Allegations have been thrown around about infidelity.

Raburu had lived with his wife in Phenom Estate, Langata before the two vacated the house.

The couple had been what some refer to as 'couple goals' with beautiful photos on Instagram.

But this does not mean that their breakup was nasty since they have not talked about it publicly and given their sides of the story.

Over the years we have witnessed couples that were termed as couple goals breaking up in a more civilized way while for others it ends in a bitter manner.


Dr Ofweneke and his baby mama made headlines after their breakup.

His baby mama claimed that he was violent and even released photos of herself to justify the claims.

This raised many questions among their followers on what would have transpired.

In a past post, Niccah the Queen said, 

How am I holding up? How am I feeling whole again? How did my broken heart heal? How did I get my confidence back? How am I hoping again? How's my faith growing day by day?? How?? Just how? Been rejected, judged and felt like am not enough. I have cried myself to sleep most of the nights, I have wished death on myself, I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice, I have had to be strong and a superhero for my girls. Heartbreaks are real, depression is real, the reality is painful and life is never fair but at the end of the day, God has the final say. I AM A MIRACLE!!! GOD HELD ME AND NOW AM A TESTIMONY. Don't give up on yourself.... you are raising again and this time round you'll shock many. Good night family,” Nicah wrote.

So what exactly does it mean being a celebrity?

Many have suggested that it's what you post on social media and how you portray your lifestyle and the number of people talking about your business.


But should this be the case?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on any matter but you better have your facts right because you don't want to mislead anyone with your information.

But why are celebrity breakups ugly at times?

1. Sharing too much private information 

PRIVATE. This word has a meaning and it means keeping your life out of the public limelight.

Whatever you do should stay between yourself or under wraps. When you decide to put your private life out there, be prepared people will have something to say.

Avoid oversharing your business and private life with other people. Not everyone wants what's best for you, so it's better to be keen on what you want people to know and what's sentimental.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have also been in the limelight for a while after they eventually split. This was right after they released their mega-hit "Gere" which has millions of views on YouTube.

They showered their social media pages with their 'romantic' photos proving that they are in it to win it.

Their fans were certain that they would end up being a done deal but things just didn't go how they planned for it.

2. Self-entitlement 

We all need to understand that no one is better than the other person. If you choose to share your lifestyle, keep in mind that not everyone will resonate well with what you share. 

Don't make other people feel that they are less human beings than you because your lifestyle is different from theirs 

Human beings are different and will choose what to take in and it's quite hard to steer people into the direction you want them to follow. So don't expect that people will go with your flow. You will be disappointed.

3. Airing dirty laundry in public

This is a major problem that many celebrities have. We have witnessed celebrity couples bashing each other on social media, TV or even radio stations, speaking negative things about their partners after a breakup.

We have witnessed some crazy and nasty breakups not only in Kenya but in other countries as well.

Not all were bad but the breakups were aired on social media.

Most notable was the Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz' break up which made headlines across East Africa.

They all aired their dirty laundry on social media, pinpointing every bad thing they did to each other.

It was the talk of the town for a few months and the worst part is that kids were involved in the bitter breakup.

Zari stated that Diamond doesn't even care about their kids and doesn't check up on them or offer child support, something that Zari said she'll not beg for because she can take care of the kids by herself

4. Thinking you are bigger than your partner

Being in a relationship or marriage is not an easy thing and once you let people dictate how you live, that's when things go south.

Most celebrities go by what their fans comment or say about their relationship and this tends to second guess your judgement. 

Your fans don't know how you live every day so you should be wise with what you choose to consume and what to throw in the trash can.

5. Confirming breakups on social media

This is a trend that most celebrities tend to use. Whenever things go south, a celebrity will take to social media to announce that they are no longer together. 

This move has made things quite ugly for most relationships.

At this point, you have included other people into your private matters so they will comment however they see fit, even though you might not agree with them but you have given them the platform to comment on your issues. 

6. Choose what is relevant to share and what should stay indoors.

Relationships will never be easy but there are ways to deal with breakups ar disagreements. Social media has made things quite ugly for most people.

Some celebrities are still trying to heal from the public backlash they received after airing their issues to their social media 'in-laws'.