Daniel Caesar’s “CASE STUDY 01”

Vocal talent on display

In Summary

• Daniel Caesar moves from a religious sound to an inventive, psychedelic sound

Title: CASE STUDY 01

Artiste: Daniel Caesar

Genre: R&B/Soul


Release: June 28

Did you know that Canadian singer Daniel Caesar real name is Ashton Simmonds? Alright, maybe that’s not as important as the fact that he rose to instant fame after releasing his 2017 debut album ‘Freudian.’

This was his breakthrough project that earned him a Grammy nomination and built his career, making him one of top R&B/Soul names of our generation. Before that, he had released two amazing EPs: 2014’s ‘Praise Break’ and 2015’s ‘Pilgrim’s Paradise.’

For the last two years, Daniel had assumed a less active role in music. However, he continued to offer his brilliance on the track “Who Hurt You?” and featured on Free Nationals’ “Beauty and Essex” and Common’s “HER Love.”

The moment he announced the release of his surprise sophomore album “CASE STUDY 01,” it was apparent that music enthusiasts had been waiting for this moment. The reaction on social media was a clear indication that he was much bigger now and commanded part of the music scene.

Not so long ago, Daniel was in the centre of harsh media scrutiny, where he was being torched for his perspective on race. This truly inspires his new album, which kicks off with “Entropy,” a track that starts with a cryptic intro taken from an interview with physician J Robert Oppenheimer about the Trinity Test. On the reggae-influenced “Cyanide,” the artiste performs mostly in patois to explore a toxic relationship. 

Brandy’s vocals are recruited on “Love Again,” a track that details a couple on the verge of getting back together after a heartbreak. “Frontal Lobe Muzik” features Pharrell Williams, who helps Daniel explore his juxtaposed past. The artiste explores how he prefers to exist in both his sexual and romantic elements on the track “Open Up.” 

Jacob Collier and Sean Leon make a guest appearance on “Restore My Feeling” before Daniel gets into the deep and essential track “Superposition”, which features John Mayer and explores the complicated nature of life.

“Too Deep to Turn Back” highlights his take on religion, while “Complexities” informs on the will to complete a task, despite the challenges and insecurities. On the closing track, “Are you ok?”, Daniel highlights relationships and what comes with fame.

‘CASE STUDY 01’ sees Daniel Caesar move from the religious sound he had embraced in his previous project to an inventive, psychedelic sound that enables him to explore his vocal talent. He has a way of getting his audience into their feels with some of the rarest topics. He is deep, and just like that, offers us yet another amazing concept album. 


Star rating: 4 out of 5

Daniel Caesar's "Case Study 01" album cover art
Daniel Caesar's "Case Study 01" album cover art
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