Passaris pledges Sh200,000 of her salary to back youth businesses

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• Youth unemployment a big problem in Kenya

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris
Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris
Image: FILE

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has pledged Sh200,000 of her salary every month to support to help youth-owned businesses.

Responding to a Twitter user on Thursday asking her for a job, Passaris said she did not have one but instead an opportunity for self-employment.

"I do not have any jobs at the moment. What I have is grants to help you get off to being self-employed," she said.

"I will dedicate Sh 200,000 every month out of my monthly salary and the best business advisors and mentors. All you have to do is 'pitch' your idea on this platform.#TwendeKaziKe".

This comes amid an outcry over continued youth unemployment in the country.

In the latest Corruption Survey released by EACCC on November 19, 2018, 36.8 per cent of Kenyans said unemployment remains a major challenge for them.

This is despite President Uhuru Kenyatta's renewed efforts to fight the vice.

The survey was conducted between November 16 and December 19, 2018.

Interviews were conducted in 5, 942 households sampled from the 47 counties.


Another report released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in 2018 revealed that nine out of every ten unemployed Kenyans are 35 years and below. This is just one of many reports which reveal the major challenge that unemployment presents to youth across Kenya.