'Sponsors' are a sin, warns Pastor George Macharia

Pastor George Macharia
Pastor George Macharia

Although young women seem to be enjoying favours from married men, it will remain sinful, a cleric has said.

Pastor George Macharia from City Lighter Church urged them to change their ways.

"It is not correct to engage in extramarital affairs, and the underscore for me is that they wreck an institution established by God, which we now call marriage," he said.

Pastor George said it is the responsibility of every young woman to realise the value of their lives.

"Whichever way a parent brings you up as a woman, it is your responsibility to take care of your life and understand what is expected of you, but not to the people around us. In Ecclesiastes 11:9-10, the Bible says God gives every person an opportunity, so each one has an opportunity to add value with our lives."

To the parents, he said, it is also important to bring up children in a Godly way. They should set a good example to the children.

The young women are no longer attracted to men who are in their 20s and 30s. Rather, they hook up with men who are the age of their fathers willingly.

George advises that before looking out for sponsors, one should think of a long-term solution to their problem, because seeking sponsors as the only available solution limits them.

"A sponsor is not a guarantee in life that they will be with you to solve your problem. Ask yourself, have you sought help from the community around you, be it family or friends? If you are not accepted by the family or they neglect you, then why not go for the church community, because that is the extended family that can come to help you.

"If you are dating a married man, leaving his wife and kids is impossible. He will keep you as his mistress but his wife and children remain his first priority.

"Your life revolves around the sponsors, and you have to live with their limitations. You stop living your life because you are expected to please them. You will not advance in life, because if you are not pleasing sponsor number one, you are with sponsor number two. That means you can't live your life, and you end up wasting your life.

"If you are doing that for your siblings, then you are trying to show them that there is an easier way to succeed apart from working hard, thus setting them to failure in life."

As for the older men who are no longer satisfied with their wives and are giving young men a hard time by dating young women, Pastor George said they need to

"establish the problem in their marriage and why they are looking for extramarital relationships".

"It could be because you are not satisfied at home. If that is beyond you, then seek the final solution from God, not forgetting that we are building a society, and each one of us has a responsibility to build the society," George said.

"And whatever you build is what is going to be passed out to the next generation. If you build a negative generation, karma will catch up with you."