Artists are entrepreneurs

Apple innovator the late Steve Jobs.
Apple innovator the late Steve Jobs.

Contrary to popular belief that artists are romantic idealists, artists are great entrepreneurs. Yes, they follow their star like true heroes making no concessions.

Yes, they may not talk about money, considering it vulgar and demeaning. But, they will ‘stake everything for a chance to go it alone’, as art critic Will Compertz put it.

Andy Warhol, who famously said ‘making money is art’, set up a whole factory for his artworks’ production. Peter Rubens, a brilliant businessman and marketer, produced art on industrial level.

Albrecht Durer turned his paintings into mass-consumed prints. Even Vincent van Gogh, the most romanticised artist, was a start-up entrepreneur who was prepared to sell, sell, sell! Why? Artists are creative. To be creative is to be entrepreneurial.

As creative genius Leonardo Da Vinci observed, creative people - the ‘people of accomplishment’ who turn nothing into something - ‘rarely sit back and let things happened to them’. Proactive, independent and ambitious, they seek, not avoid, competition.

The lesson? Good on those smart people who practiced art yesterday! Because it is them who will succeed tomorrow!

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