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• Gatutura had been in the industry for mor than seven years before his first hit song 

Jose Gatutura
Jose Gatutura
Image: Moses Mwangi

Mugiithi artiste Jose Gatutura says the genre has been well received.

Speaking to Word Is, Gatutura says when he started singing, he did not see a great future.

He had been in the industry for more than seven years before his first hit song, 'Thie Ukiumaga (Go drying)'.

"Before us, there was Benga Mugiithi, which was famous in our homes. The language used was deep and most young people feared listening to it coz they could not fully understand the message."

Mugiithi is a type of music that is famously known as one-man guitar. The legendary Mugiithi singers include Mike Salim, Mike Rua and Mike Murimi.

How is modern Mugiithi different from the Benga music?

The 'Mashtte' hitmaker says the modern Mugiithi has been well done as they make good audio and video. 

"We also try and use simple language that young people can understand. In my music, for example, I use different instruments. Before, they only used drums and a guitar. I have a guitar, conga drums, chime and shakers."

Gatutura, alongside other artistes, will be performing in an outdoor Mugiithi country concert at Leleshwa Getaway this coming weekend from noon.

"I appreciate that most of our fans have accepted our music," he said. 

"Mugiithi is currently an uptown thing, we have more shows than urban music. I mean we are now having international shows. Country music singer Steve Rogers and comedian Njoro Shirandula will be performing with me."