Are Embu MCAs opposed to fight against alcoholism?

Trade committee recommended that alcohol starts being sold at 2pm from 5pm

In Summary

• Committee recommended the sale of alcohol for 24 hours all week in hotels, lodges, members' clubs and travellers lodges.

• Most people in the working class are at work at that time and implementing this means they are allowed to drink during working hours.

Sample of alcohol bottles in a liquor shop.
HAPPY HOUR: Sample of alcohol bottles in a liquor shop.

Counties are experiencing challenges including bad roads, lack of jobs, lack of fees among other challenges facing citizens.

Therefore, it was insensitive for Embu MCA’s to increase official alcohol consumption hours to start at 3pm instead of Mututho law 5pm.

Their proposed Bill also allows the sale and drinking of alcohol from 11am on weekends to 11pm.

This will lead to laxity as some staff will be downing a few beers at lunch. It will also encourage alcoholism against the spirited fight against the vice. The national government should intervene before it is too late.