Cultures across the country a key tourism attraction

Modern traveller interested in diverse cultures widespread across the country

In Summary

• Kenya is known for wildlife and beach attractions, but cultures are fast attracting local and international visitors. 

• State is focused on improving infrastructure, which will also facilitate tourism by making attraction sites accessible. 

Girls from the Gabrra community showcase how to weave a mat
HERITAGE: Girls from the Gabrra community showcase how to weave a mat
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Western counties need to identify key tourism attractions in their regions for them to be promoted to international markets.

Besides beautiful beaches and wildlife that Kenya is known for, the current traveller is keen on discoveries including adventure and diverse cultures that are widespread across the country.

The state has put a lot of focus on infrastructure improvement to support tourism investments in key areas across the country. For instance, the development of transport through standard gauge railway and the renovation of the Kisumu Port that will attract massive investments.

The revived maritime activities in Lake Victoria will have a direct positive impact on tourism activities along with the economic development of the surrounding counties.


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